Cell Science (AOKGEN666_1A) for Students of Medicine
2020/21 Academic year - 1st semester

Topic list

Dear Students!

From 16 November 2020: because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation, lectures and practices are held online (in Zoom).
Please find the Zoom URLs of lectures and practices on ZOOM tab.



Thursday, 8:15 - 9:00
Green Lecture Hall (NET building)



Labs: L13, 14, 15, 16 (NET building)

1st week

10 of September

Cell theory. Model cells in Medicine
ppt / with voice: ppt

1st week

 7-11 of September

The light microscope
ppt   doc

2nd week

17 of September

 Cell membrane
ppt   doc   doc / with voice: ppt

2nd week

14-18 of September

The general cell structure. Light microscopic microtechnique
ppt   doc

3rd week

24 of September

Structure and function of nucleus
ppt   doc / Zoom video: video

3rd week

21-25 of September

The electron microscope. Cell membrane
ppt   doc

4th week

1 of October

Endoplasmic reticulum
ppt / Zoom video: video

4th week

28 of September - 2 of October

The interphase nucleus. Cyto(histo)chemistry
ppt   doc

5th week

8 of October

Golgi complex, vesicular transport and secretion 
ppt / with voice: ppt

5th week

5-9 of October

Endoplasmic reticulum

12 of October 18:45-19:15 Moodle test Home work
More information about the Moodle test on the "Exam" tab
Exam topic list:

6th week

15 of October

 Endocytosis. Autophagy
ppt / with voice: ppt

6th week

12-16 of October

Golgi complex. Immunohistochemistry. Super-resolution microscopy
ppt   ppt   doc

7th week

22 of October

Cell adhesion and cell junctions
ppt / Zoom video: video

7th week

19-22 of October


8th week

29 of October

ppt / Zoom video: video

8th week

26-30 of October

Endocytosis and lysosomes

9th week

5 of November

Cellular movement
ppt / Zoom video: video

9th weeek

2-6 of November

Cell and tissue culture
ppt   doc

9 of November 18:50-19:20

Moodle test Home work
Exam topic list: doc

10th week

12 of November

Cell communication. Extracellular vesicles
ppt / Zoom video: video

10th week

9-13 of November

Store and supply of energy. Mitochondria. Peroxisome


11th week

19 of November

Cell cycle and mitosis
ppt / Zoom video: video

11th week

16-20 of November

Cell surface differentiation, enzyme-histochemistry

12th week

26 of November

Cellular aging and cell death
ppt / with voice: ppt /
Zoom video: video

12th week

23-27 of November


13th week

3 of December

Structure and function of mitochondria and peroxisomes
ppt / Zoom video: video

13th week

30 of November - 4 of December


14th week

10 of December

Stem cells and differentiation
ppt / with voice: ppt /
Zoom video: video

14th week

7-11 of December

Cell death (necrosis and apoptosis)

Alberts et al.: Essential Cell Biology. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ. 2013. (4th edition, ISBN: 9780815344544)
Collection of the LM and TEM slides pdf



Zoom URL of the lecture on 10th Dec (lecturer: Edit Buzás): Please sign in to access the URL!

Please find below the join URLs of the online practices. 
All practices start as announced in the timetable of this semester.

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Course information

General information

Prerequisite subject: -
Credits: 3
Exam: written test in the exam period. 


Cell Science is one semester subject for students of Medicine. Claims for exemptions are only considered if handed or emailed to Dr. Orsolya Lang (tutor) not later than 11th of September.

Cell Science has theoretical (lecture) and laboratory (practice) parts.

Lectures are given by Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology (DGCI) in Green Lecture Hall (NET Building, Nagyvárad tér 4 Budapest) at Thursday, 815 – 900. For detailed schedule please visit the Topic list at the homepage. From 2nd week registration in the Moodle system is required for in person lecture attendance. Those student who can not register should follow the lecture via Zoom (online). The link will be available on this. webpage from 2nd week.

Practices are weekly given by DGCI in Lab 13- 16 (NET Building).

Practices are obligatory. More than three absences of ANY REASON during a semester invalidate the semester. Those student who have been should contact with English secretariat. (Please read carefully the further regulation Compulsory safety regulations →)  A notebook for notes and drawings, and colored pencils are needed in practices.

Remember the exact time of lectures and practices, don't be late for them. Being late from practice is considered as an absence.

All the belongings in the Labs (Practice Rooms) should be handled with care. Any disappearance or harm in them should be paid by the groups working in the same room.

In the first semester you have two Moodle tests: on the week 5th or 6th and 10th. The exact time will be announced later. Both practice and theory knowledge will be tested. At the end of the semester your performance will be evaluated according the total scores therefore maximum 3 bonus scores is offered:



Bonus scores









These extra scores will be added to the exams scores as bonus scores. No opportunity to improve the bonus scores.

In the examination period you have to give final exam. You are allowed to give the exam if you have got the signature of the subject. Requirement of signature: not more than 3 absences from the practices that is verified by the practice teacher.

Examination info

Semester closing exam (Cell Science) is written test (multiple choice, essays, drawings, etc. covering both practical and theoretical parts of the subject). For passing (Grade 2-5) you have to reach more than 50 % of the exam scores.

Online registration for the exam is in the second part of November when the exam days will be published. Signing up and modification of the exam days can be arranged exclusively online by the students’ registration system (NEPTUN). If you want to change your exam day, first you have to cancel your earlier sign up. Please consider the registration deadlines for the exams. The time, the place and number of students may change after your registration, so check these parameters before the exam.

Students have three chances to give the exam. Failed exam can be repeated after 1 day with new registration. In the examination period there are voluntary consultations.

On the homepage of the DGCI more information are found: e.g. slides of lectures, practices, summary of topics not found in the book, description of cytological methods, detailed topic list for midterms and exam.


Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Edit Buzás -- room 717 (7th floor, NET building)

Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Láng - room 719 (7th floor, NET building)


Needed textbook:
Alberts et al.: Essential Cell Biology. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ. 2013. (4th edition, ISBN: 9780815344544)

Recommended textbooks:
Alberts et al.: Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ.  (4th ot 5th edition)

Books are available at Medicina Könyvesbolt, Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 91/A. 
Phone: 215-3786, 215-9618, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       




Dear Students,

In the 2020/21 Academic year - 1st semester of Semmelweis University (hereafter SU) the Cell Science exam (Dept. Genetics, Cell- & Immunobiology – hereafter DGCI) will be organized in distance-learning mode from 12th of December until further notice. The distance-examinations will take place the teleconferencing interface of the Zoom software, including Moodle.

The Directive for Examinations ( ) issued by the Rector of SU will be followed during the Cell Science exams.

DGCI-SU draws your attention to the following technical issues:

  1. The exam takes place on the interface of Moodle, including the teleconferencing interface of the Zoom. For the exam every examinee student receives a Zoom invitation via the Neptun system.
  2. According to the Rector's Directive referred above, you are obliged to provide the technical background for the exams. Based on our experience, you need a Windows-based computer / laptop. It seems that Zoom and Moodle are not optimized for the iOs system either. If the connection is broken during the exam out of your responsibility, you must prove this within 3 working days, after which we will judge the situation individually.
  3. According to the Rector's Directive referred above, you must also be in a Zoom contact (meeting) with the teacher supervising you during the written Moodle exams. In other words, you have to be visible and audible by the camera and microphone switched on throughout the examination. Please keep in mind that you can’t be present on Zoom and Moodle at the same time by using an iPad, tablet or phone.
  4. It is forbidden to use headsets, earphones or any electronic or paper-based aids, or to use third parties during the whole exam. Once the noises around you can be heard, you will need a quiet place where you must be alone for the duration of the exam to avoid disturbing the other students.
  5. If any of the above conditions are not met, the supervising teacher may exclude you from the exam.
  6. You must join the Zoom group meeting 15 minutes before the start of the exam using the link available in Neptun. Also log in to the Moodle interface and prepare your student ID. At the official start of the exam, we will admit you from the waiting room to the “meeting”.
  7. Before the start of the examination, you have to make a statement that you are familiar with and accepts the present regulations of the distance examination, and accepts that the examination takes place on a given electronic interface, the operation of which you are aware of.
  8. By reading the list of names before starting the exam (roll call), you must present your student ID to the supervising teacher through the camera. In the “meeting” you have to use your own name, if you did not log in with this, you can change it to official /valid with the “rename” option. Anyone who is not present at the personal identification will be automatically excluded from the exam. After the personal identification, you will get the password in the Chat window of the Zoom. Using this password you can open the exam test in the Moodle system. The test consists of short essay, gap filling and simple choice questions (total score 60 points). You have 45 minutes to fulfill the test after opening the series of questions. Some questions for the purpose of practice will be available in the Moodle from 8Th of December.
  9. If absolutely necessary, you can communicate with the supervising teacher in the Chat window of the Zoom (use the private chat).
  10. If you have finished the written exam on Moodle, notify the supervising teacher using the Chat window of the Zoom, then you can exit Zoom. Leaving Zoom before completing the Moodle exam will invalidate your exam.
  11. The image, sound and chat of the exam will be recorded on Zoom.
  12. If the result of the exam test exceeds 50%, the bonus points will be added to the score achieved in the exam. The final result of the exam is recorded in Neptun within 48 hours.

Tutors of the DGCI-SU wish good luck to the exams!

Examination info:

The semester is finished by a Moodle exam with short essay and multiple choice questions. The exam grade will be calculated from the exam score. For passing (Grade 2-5) you have to reach more than 50 % of the exam scores (minimum 30). If you collect the minimum 30 scores, the exam grade will be calculated from the sum of exam scores (maximum 60) and bonus scores (maximum 3).


Final grade



30 -



37 -






53 -



The topics are based on the textbook and the lectures, so attending them greatly helps the successful preparation for the exam. In the exam it is not enough to reproduce the topics of the textbook and presentations, but you have to be able to synthesize and integrate the knowledge from different parts.

In the exam period we offer one hour free and optional Zoom consultation generally on every week. The times and the zoom link of the consultations will be published on our homepage.

Useful hints

On the day before the exam, students will receive a Neptun message / e-mail with the exact location and time of the exam. To be accepted for the exam You must have a student ID card or Passport. The duration of the Moodle test will be 45 mins.

Do not forget, that not only the texts of the textbook, but the figures, drawing are also part of the subject. During preparing yourself for the exams, it is not enough to read the textbook, always make notes, draw schemes and flow charts.

Plan your examination period carefully. Do not postpone your exams to the end of the period. Leave the last week of the exam period free for the accidental retakes, but we hope these weeks will rather serve for your recreation.

We wish you successful preparation!

Exam topic list: doc 

Dear Student,

Please, find below more information about Cell Science online test.

The test is organized in Moodle on 12th of October.

The test starts at 18:45 with 15 minutes time limit. The test will be automatically saved by the Moodle. In total there will be 15 simple choice questions both from the lectures and practices. You have to be able to recognize TEM figure of cell organelles or scheme of different cellular processes or light microscopic preparations. Please have a look on the Practice test and the detailed topic list too.

The test will be visible just before the exact time of the exam starts (around 18:00). It will be available 18:45-19:15.

If you have technical problem, join one of the Zoom link given below for technical support.

The bonus scores will be calculated after the second test in November.

Please, find me in e-mail if you have more questions.


Kind regards, 

Orsolya Lang MD PhD
course coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Zoom URLs for technical support during the tests: 

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