Inflammation Biology Research Foundation


Legal form: Foundation
Registration number: 01-01-0002823
Registered as: Public Benefit Organization
Registered Address:

H-1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4., Semmelweis University, 7th floor, Hungary

Chairman: Dr. Zsuzsanna Darvas
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact: Adrienn Ádám
Tax ID: 18007662-1-42
Tax ID Obtained: 04/01/1992
IBAN:   HU89 1030 0002 2033 7492 7007 3285
Bank Name: Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank
Bank Address: H-1056 Budapest, Váci u.38. Hungary


Inflammatory diseases research and the utilization of research results have always had a key role in medicine. Immune biology, molecular genetics and genomic research, accelerating the implementation of innovative results, still requires further efforts. This type of research and the recent results support the widespread dissemination of education established in the foundation.

The inflammatory cell biological, immunological, neuroendocrinological and physiological processes in complex systems are under genetic control. Research and knowledge dissemination is carried out through immunological, pharmacological and genomic methods.

Besides achieving the goals of research, ​​scientific publications and distribution of essential knowledge are also among the major goals of the Foundation. Therefore, publications, brochures, information disclosure and education plans represent a central part of the activity of the Foundation.

Achieving our goals implies the following activities:

  • help research topics, research groups, individual researchers and institutions, give financial and moral support;
  • enable young researchers to gain experience by visiting foreign conferences and
  • establish personal contacts at trans-European level;
  • promote the emergence of scientific publications;
  • be involved in public education;
    enhance scientific and educational cooperation with foreign institutions


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