Dear Students,

According to the instructions of the Rector and the Chancellor of Semmelweis University (E/21/2020. (XI.26.) issued on May 8 2021, all classes at Semmelweis University will take place in person from May 10, 2021. Please bring with you your medical certificates of being vaccinated against SARS-CoV2 or fresh (within one day) negative antigen test results in order to be eligible to attend our classes.
Should you miss our classes because of the lack of the above certificates, you will still have a chance to visit the online consultations provided by our department both in Immunology and in Genetics and genomics to make up for the missed classes.


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Department of Genetics,
Cell- and Immunobiology!

The activity of the Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology (DGCI) includes teaching, research and diagnostics. Our scientific work focuses on a broad scale of immunology, cell biology and genomics. The applied methodologies include: cell- and molecular biological, immunological, genomic and bioinformatic techniques and procedures.

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