Course information

Basic Immunology (FOKGEN037_1A)
2017/18 1st Semester
(3 credits)

Prerequisite subject: Medical Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology III.
Attendance of a minimum of 75% of both the lectures and seminars is necessary for the end-term signature.
Exam: semi-final written test in the exam period


The Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology teaches immunology to 3rd year students in the fifth semester. This course provides a basic knowledge of the structure and mechanisms of the immune system. Students obtain a signature – according to the proposal of the practice teacher – at the end of the semester. According to the Academic and Examination Rules (17§ 7-8.), students must visit at least 75% of the classes (75 % of the lectures and 75 % of the seminars), in order to have a valid semester (i.e. in order to be admitted to the exam). We check the presence of students at the lectures randomly during the semester. More than three absences from the lectures invalidates the semester. The absences at the seminars (practices) are registered weekly, more than three absences from the seminars invalidate the semester as well.

During the semester there is one 40 min. long written midterm test, during the 9th week at the time of the lecture. The score of the midterm test is part (35%) of the final exam score [except for the second (or third) retake exam or in case a student is writing an exam in order to improve the score of a previous, successful exam]. If you miss the midterm exam, 0 (zero) points will be added to your exam score. The midterm is not a requirement for the validity of the semester. There is no opportunity to postpone the time of the midterm neither to improve the midterm result. For those students, who miss the midterm due to an acute illness and show up the medical certificate to the practice teacher (or course coordinator) within one week, an additional midterm test is organized. We announce its date and place via a Neptun message. For taking the midterm (or later exam), students have to prove their identity by an official formal personal document with a photo (i.e. passport, driving license). During the semester students can collect 5 points for homeworks which are added to the exam scores either.


Exam info

The semester is completed by a written exam. On the first and second exams, the grade will be calculated from the sum of the midterm scores, homework scores and the exam scores (maximum 35 midterm points + 5 homework points + 60 exam points = 100 points). Students have to reach more than 50 % of both the exam scores (31 out of 60) and the total scores (51 out of 100) to pass. (At the third and fourth exam, the scores of the midterm test and homework don’t count to the final exam score any more.)
The topics are based on the textbooks and the lectures, so attending the latter ones greatly helps students successfully prepare for the exam. At the exam, it is not sufficient to repeat memorised topics from the textbook and presentations, but you have to be able to synthesize and integrate your knowledge from different parts. The retake exam can be taken no sooner than on the 3rd day after the former exam.
The exam dates will be published one month before the beginning of the exam period. Registration for the exam dates (or modifying the registration) can be arranged exclusively online by the students’ registration system (NEPTUN). If you want to change your exam day, first you have to cancel your earlier sign up. Please, consider the registration deadlines for the exams (48 hrs before the beginning of the exam). Since we have to book the exam rooms in advance, we cannot change (increase) the number of examinees. The announcement of the results takes two-four days, depending on the number of examinees. Here we would also like to warn you that in case of postponing your exam right to the end of the exam period, you may not be able to register to some of the subjects (which have Basic Immunology as a prerequisite) of the next semester on time.
If you miss an exam, the second retake exam (and all others thereafter) can be taken upon payment of a retake fee. The receipt has to be presented to the examiner at the beginning of the exam.
During the semester, a two-round competition will be organized. The first round is the midterm exam, and based on the results of this, the department will invite the best students to the second round (taking place during the 13th week). Students having the best scores get a grade 4 or 5 offered to them and an exemption from the exam.

Useful hints

Do not forget that beside the text of the textbook, figures and drawings are also part of the subject. It is not sufficient to study from the textbook, but own lecture notes, draw schemes and flow charts are also important.


Required textbooks:

  • KUBY Immunology • W. H. Freeman and Company • New York • 2013

  • Immunology seminars (e-book) (The user name and password is on course data sheet of the Neptun)



Job title



Course coordinator (For the office hours, see the homepage.)

Marianna Csilla Holub, PhD

NET 618

Lecturer and Chairman of the Department

Prof. Edit Buzas, MD, DSc

NET 717

We do not arrange students’ affairs through phone or other way of telecommunication (except NEPTUN). The office hours of the course coordinator can be viewed at the homepage of the department.


Topic list



Lectures (2*45 min. / week)
Monday 13:30 - 15:10
NET Selye (Green) Lecture Hall

Practices / Seminars (45 min. / week)

(Sept 11 - 15)

The roles, processes, organs and cells of the immune system

Basic terms, organs and cells of the immune system

(Sept 18 - 22)

Principles of natural immunity

Methods based on antigen-antibody interactions I. Immunoserology

(Sept 25 - 29)

The complement system; inflammation and acute phase reaction

Methods based on antigen-antibody interactions II. 

(Oct 2 - 6)

Antigen, antigen presentation and MHCs

Methods based on antigen-antibody interactions III. Flow cytometry

(Oct 9 - 13)

Antigen receptors and their formation


(Oct 16 - 20)

T lymphocytes and cell-mediated immune response

HLA typing

(Oct 24 - 27)


Pre-midterm consultation

(Oct 30 - Nov 3)

B lymphocytes and humoral immune response


(Nov 6 - 10)

Midterm test (written)
14:15 Green Lecture Hall

Biological therapies

(Nov 13 - 17)

Immune response in infections;
mucosal immunity

Immunization and vaccination

(Nov 20 - 24)

Hypersensitivity reactions

Hypersensitivity I.

(Nov 27 - Dec 1)

Autoimmunity and tolerance

Hypersensitivity II-IV.

(Dec 4 - 8)

Immunology of transplantation

Screening methods for autoantibodies

(Dec 11 - 15)

Antitumor immunity;


Pre-exam consultation



Seminars in Immunology ebook: ppt

(Updated version 2015)



Exam topic list: doc




Immunology consultations (in the NET building) - 1st semester of 2017/18

date start room
20 December (Wednesday) 10:00 L16
2 January (Tuesday) 11:00 L16
8 January (Monday) 11:00 L16
15 January (Monday) 11:00 L16
22  January (Monday) 11:00 L16
29 January (Monday) 11:00 L16

The consultation lasts for maximum 70 minutes. If there are no students present at the beginning of the consultation, it will be cancelled.



For the competition, the department will invite those students who have achieved at least 27 points in the midterm exam. The competition will take place during the 13th week. The exact time and place will be sent to students in a Neptun message. 
Students having the best scores get a grade 4 or 5 offered to them and an exemption from the exam.

The competition includes the topics of weeks 1-11.

 Immunology competition results:

Code word

Scores (competition)








Natural killer










Dear Students,

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Students according to the above list are offered a grade 4 or 5 in immunology - in case their semester is valid ie. they do not have more than 3 absenses either in the practice or in the lecture classes during the semester.

The students who do NOT want to accept the offered grade shall send an email to the immunology course coordinator ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) till 14th of December (till 9 am).

Those who accept the offered grade will be (automatically deregistered from their exam date – in case they have already registered -, and) registered to an exam date (18th December).

Students with the first three best results will get a Neptun message during January about receiving a certificate of the competition.


Dr Holub, Marianna Csilla.

course coordinator


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