Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) encoded by CV in the second semester of 2018/2019 Academic Year for Students of Medicine


In the second semester of 2018/19 Academic Year Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) is announced without lectures and practices. Those students who have already the signature for Medical Biology, are allowed to take Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) exam after the second semester of 2018/2019 (with the number of possibilities that remained in the first semester of 2018/2019). Students have to register in Neptun system for Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) labelled by CV (only exam) announced in the second semester of 2018/2019.

The exam dates will be given in the Neptun system.

The exam topics are the same as the topics of Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) 00 of the first semester of 2018/19.

The user name and password are published in the NEPTUN.

Course coordinators:

Biology / Medical Biology:
Dr. LÁNG, Orsolya
+36 1 210 2930 / 56251
Monday 10:30-12:30

Dr. HOLUB, Marianna
+36 1 210 2930 / 56234

Genetics and Genomics:
Dr. SEMSEI, Ágnes
+36 1 210 2930 / 56502

Neptun administrator
(Education secretariat):

L. DIBÓ, Szilvia
+36 1 210 2950
+36 1 210 2930 / 56235

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