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Lectures (Lecturer: Tóth S.)
Thursday 17.00-18.30,  NET L16

1st week

(10. Sept.)

Timeline of epigenetics; levels of epigenetic changes; targets of epigenetics

2nd week

(17. Sept.)

DNA methylation; de novo and maintenance methylation; Dnmt interactions

3rd week

(24. Sept.)

Histone modifications; histone code; histone modifying enzymes

4th week

(01. Oct.)

Citrullination; Methylated DNA binding proteins
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5th week

(08. Oct.)

Polycomb and trithorax complexes; Non-coding RNAs in epigenetic regulation; Chromatin remodelling

6th week

(15. Oct.)

Transposons; Paramutation, transvection; Genome imprinting

7th week

(22. Oct.)


8th week

(29. Nov.)

X inactivation and skewed X inactivation: their connection to DNA methylation

9th week

(05. Nov.)

Epigenetic changes during early development and gametogenesis; epigenetic consequences of cloning and ART

10th week

(12. Nov.)

Transgenerational epigenetics; epigenetics of endocrine disruptors; maternal behaviour and its epigenetic consequences; Mitotic bookmarking

11th week

(19. Nov.)

Small molecules, clock genes and intermediate metabolism in epigenetic regulation

12th week

(26. Nov.)

Role of epigenetics in carcinogenesis; epigenetic therapy in cancer

13th week

(03. Dec.)

Epigenetics in aging and autoimmunity

14th week

(10. Dec.)

Epigenetic changes in diseases of the central nervous system


The exam grade will be based on a written test. The test questions will cover the topics of the lectures presentations.

Lecturer: Sara Tóth  Phd, associate professor
NET 6th floor, room 619.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 210-2630/56244


Exam topic list


Exam topic list: doc


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