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The Experimental and Translational Immunomics Research Group, established in July 2012, conducts multidisciplinary research in the fields of immunology and genomics, with most of its efforts focused on the analysis of CD8+ T cell homing, immigration of CD8+ T cells into distinct tissue environments, phenotypic plasticity of CD8+ T cells in different tissues, and regional immunity maintained by CD8+ T cells. The group investigates these questions using automated isolation of tissue-resident CD8+ T memory and effector cells, genomic scale description of their organ-specific characteristics, and tracking in vivo T cell activity and movement, using both transgenic mouse models and human clinical samples.   




Applied methodology 

The research group typically uses the following methods and approaches :

Murine experimental acute GvHD model (Actm-OVA/OT-I)

Human patiensts diagnosed with acute GvHD

Murine experimental H1N1 flu infection model (A/PR/8/34)

Adoptive T cell transfer

In vivo T cell tracking

Automated tissue dissociation

Automated MACS sorting 

FACS sorting

Whole genome gene expression profiling

Flow citometry





TREC assay

Western blotting

In vitro CD8+ T cell acivation

In vitro CD8+ T cell killing assay

Treg suppresson assay


KTIK mice 


Research infrastructure, equipment, transgenic mouse strains 

An automated tissue dissociation platform (Miltenyi Biotec gentleMACS Octo with Heating Upgrade), an automated magnetic cell sorting system (Miltenyi Biotec AutoMACS Pro), a SONY SH800S FACS sorter, a Beckman Coulter Cytoflex flow cytometer, multiple BSL2 and BSL1 laminar flow hoods (Esco), a refrigerated Eppendorf centrifuge (Heraeus Fresco 17), desktop centrifuge (Heraeus Megafuge 16R), and sufficient storage capacity (liquid N2 tank, -80C freezer, -20C freezers, 4C fridges) are readily available. Besides, the group maintains several transgenic mouse strains, as follows (all on the C57Bl/6 backround): OT-I, OT-II, Act-mOVA, CD45.1, UBC-GFP, Foxp3-GFP. Potential collaborators are encouraged to contact the group leader; we have several ongoing collaborations using the above infrastructure.





Dr. Zoltán Pós, Associate Professor

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  Lupsa Nikolett Nikolett Lupsa, Research Fellow
  Ersek Barbara Dr. Barbara Molnár-Érsek, Senior Research Fellow

Research Students:


  Boroczky Csenge Böröczky Csenge
  Szegedi Akos Szegedi Ákos


  Bencsik Andras András Bencsik, PhD student (2014-2019), MSc, biologist 
  Horvath Andor Attila Andor Attila Horváth, research student (2014-2017), MD
  Hobor Bence Bence Hőbör, research student (2018-2019), MD
  Sarzsinszky Eszter Eszter Sarzsinszky, research student (2013-2015), MSc, biologist
  Toth Anett Anett Tóth, research student (2012-2016), PharmD


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