In the Neptun system the course designated to FM is for those students who got the signature of the lecturer (validation) in the first semester of the previous academic year, but they did not pass the exam. They are allowed to take the exam (in the winter examination period) without visiting the lessons.

Do not register to the regular (00 and practicals) and FM course in parallel.

In this course there are no lessons, midterms, but the lectures in the tuition period and the consultations in the exam period are allowed to visit. (The time and place of the consultations will be published on our homepage at the beginning of the exam period).

The exam topics are the same as on the 00 course of the present semester and can be found in our homepage. For earning the credits you must reach more than 50% of the maximum exam scores. (Because no midterm, the maximum score is 60, you are passing with 31).

For further details see Examination and Study Regulation 16.7.

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