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Medical Biology (AOKOGEN462_1A) for Students of Medicine
2017/18 Academic year - 1st semester

General information


Medical Biology is a one semester subject for students of Medicine. Claims for exemptions are only considered if handed to Dr. Orsolya Láng (tutor) not later than the 19th of September.

Medical Biology has theoretical (lecture) and laboratory (practice) parts.

Lectures are given by two departments of Semmelweis University, (Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology (DGCI); Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology (DAHE)). Lectures of DGCI are given in Green Lecture Hall (NET Building, Nagyvárad tér 4 Budapest) at Thursday, 1100 – 1210. For detailed schedule please visit the Topic list at the homepage. Students must attend 75% of lectures, may have not more than four absences. The attendance of students occasionally (randomly) will be checked on the lectures given by DGCI.

Practices are weekly given by DGCI in Lab 13- 16 (NET Building).
Practices are obligatory. More than three absences of ANY REASON during a semester invalidate the semester. In the case of an acute illness students may attend other practices with the permission of the tutor. A notebook for notes and drawings, and coloured pencils are needed in practices.

Remember the exact time of lectures and practices, don't be late for them. Being late from practice is considered as an absence.

The slides, microscopes and other belongings in the Labs (Practice Rooms) should be handled with care. Any disappearance or harm in them should be paid by the groups working in the same room.

In the first semester you have one written midterm exams: on the 8th week lecture. Both practice and theory knowledge is tested on midterm. No opportunity for extra date or for retake and for correction.

In the examination period you have to give final exam. You are allowed to give the exam if you have got the signature of the subject. Requirement of signature: not more than 3 absences from the practices that is verified by the practice teacher and not more than 4 absences from the lectures.

During the semester extra scores can be collected (maximum 5) on the lectures if you answer correctly the short questions at the end of the lecture (written). The extra scores may influences (may increase) the final grade
(see below).

Examination info

Final exam (Medical Biology) consists written test (multiple choice, essays, drawings, etc. covering both practical and theoretical parts of the subject). The exam grade will be calculated as sum of midterm grade (35) and written test grade (65) and extra scores (5). For passing (Grade 2-5) you have to reach more than 50 % of both the exam scores (32) and total scores (50).
In the third exam extra and midterm scores are not counted.

Online registration for the exam is in the second part of November when the exam days will be published. Signing up and modification of the exam days can be arranged exclusively online by the students’ registration system (NEPTUN). If you want to change your exam day, first you have to cancel your earlier sign up. Please consider the registration deadlines (two workdays) for the exams. The time, the place and number of students may change after your registration, so check these parameters before the exam.
Students have three chances to give the exam. Those who have two failed exams have to obtain a "retake ticket" at the English Secretariat. Failed exam can be repeated after 3 days with new registration. In the examination period there are voluntary consultations.

On the homepage of the Department ( information can be found: eg. slides of lectures, practices, summary of topics not found in the book, description of cytological methods, detailed topic list for midterms and exam.


Needed textbook:

  • Alberts et al.: Essential Cell Biology. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ. 2013. (4th edition, ISBN: 9780815344544)

Recommended textbooks:

  • Alberts et al.: Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ.  (4th ot 5th edition)

Books are available at Medicina Könyvesbolt, Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 91/A. 
Phone: 215-3786, 215-9618, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       



Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Edit Buzás -- room 717 (7th floor, NET building)

Tutor: Dr. Orsolya Láng - room 719 (7th floor, NET building)


Topic list

The lectures are held on Thursday, 11:00-12:10, in Green (Selye) Lecture Hall of NET Building (Nagyvárad tér 4, Budapest), except for lectures given by the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology (DAHE) (Tűzoltó utca 58, Budapest) labelled in green. The time and place of these lectures is announced by DAHE.



Lecture (DGCI)
Thursday, 11:00 - 12:10
Green Lecture Hall (NET Building)

Lecture (DAHE)

Practice (DGCI)
Labs: L13, 14, 15, 16 (NET Building)

11 - 15)

Cells as the basic unit of life. The origin of life. Cellular organisation
The cell, cellular membrane, endoplasmatic reticulum
Cell nucleus, mitochondrium, peroxysome

The light microscope in use
ppt   doc

18 - 22)

Nucleus and nucleolus.
Chromatine and chromosome I

Adhesion molecules, intercellular connections, epithelial cells
Types of epithelia. Glandular epithelium
The cellular framework, microtubules, IM filaments, actin microfilaments

Light microscopic microtechnique
ppt   doc

25 - 29)

Nucleus and nucleolus.
Chromatine and chromosome II
ppt   doc   doc   doc

Exocytosis, Golgi apparatus, vesicular transport, sorting
Endocytosis, autophagy

The electron microscope. Electron microscopic microtechnique
ppt   doc

2 - 6)

Cell-cell communication I


Cell nucleus. Cyto(histo)chemistry
ppt   doc

9 - 13)

Cell-cell communication II

The principles of cell division, differentiation. Cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis

Endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi complex

16 - 20)

Cellular movement. Mechaotransduction


Forms of classical and alternative secretion. Cell polarity

24 - 27)

The cell as a system


ppt   doc

(Oct 30 - Nov 3)

Midterm (written)
11:00-11:45 Group 1-7
11:45-12:30 Group 8-16
doc   doc


Store and supply of energy

6 - 10)

Cell cycle. Asymmetric cell division


Endocytosis, enzymhistochemistry

13 - 17)

Cellular aging. Cell death (apoptosis, nekrosis, nekroptosis, pyroptosis)


Cell surface differentiation
ppt   doc

20 - 24)

Stem cell biology
ppt   video   video


Cell and tissue culturing. Model cells in medicine. Stem cells. Differentiation
ppt   doc

(Nov 27 - Dec 1)

Differenciation and its regulation


Cell divisions

4 - 8)

Tumor biology, cancer stem cells


Forms of cell death

11 - 15)

Phylogeny. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Organism as an ecosystem. The microbiome





Exam topic list: doc

Grading: doc 




Medical Biology consultations (in the NET building) - 1st semester of 2017/18

date start room
20 December (Wednesday) 10:00 L13-15
2 January (Tuesday) 11:00 L13-15
8 January (Monday) 11:00 L13-15
15 January (Monday) 11:00 L13-15
22  January (Monday) 11:00 L13-15
29 January (Monday) 11:00 L13-15

The consultation lasts for maximum 90 minutes. If there are no students present at the beginning of the consultation, it will be cancelled.

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