Biology I (GYKGEN269E1A) for Pharmacy Students
2022/23 Academic year - 1st semester

Topic list



Monday 11:40 – 13:10
Green Lecture Hall (NET building)



Labs: L13, L14, L15, L16 (NET building)

1st week

5 of September

Cell membrane: structure and function
ppt / with voice: ppt

1st week

5-9 of September

The light microscope (LM) in use
ppt   pdf

2nd week

12 of September

Structure and function of nucleus I
ppt   doc   doc   doc / with voice: ppt

2nd week

12-16 of September

General view of the cell.
Light microscopic (LM) microtechnique
ppt   pdf   pdf

3rd week

19 of September

 Endoplasmic reticulum and the ribosomes
ppt / with voice: video

3rd week

19-23 of September

Plasma membrane.
The electron microscope (EM).
Electron microscopic microtechnique
ppt   pdf

4th week

26 of September

Structure and function of nucleus II
ppt / with voice: ppt

4th week

26-30 of September

Cell nucleus. Cyto(histo)chemistry

5th week

3 of October

Golgi complex, secretion and protein transport
ppt / with voice: video

5th week

3-7 of October

Endoplasmic reticulum

6th week

10 of October

Lysosomes, endocytosis, vesicular transport
ppt / with voice: video

6th week

10-15 of October

Midterm I. (Moodle test)
 Golgi complex

15 Of October Cytoskeleton and cellular movement
ppt / with voice: video

7th week

17 of October

Cell adhesion, cell junctions
ppt / with voice: video

7th week

17-21 of October


8th week

24 of October

Structure and function of mitochondria and peroxisomes
ppt   video / voice: audio   audio   audio

8th week

24-28 of October

Endocytosis and lysosomes

9th weeek

31 of October


9th weeek

31 of October - 4 of November

ppt   doc

10th week

7 of November

Extracellular regulation of cells,
signal transduction I.

10th week

7-11 of November

Cell and tissue culture
ppt   doc

11th week

14 of November

Extracellular regulation of cells,
signal transduction II.

11th week

14-18 of November

Cell surface differentiation,

12th week

21 of November

Cell cycle and its regulation

12th week

21-25 of November

Store and supply of energy. Mitochondria. Peroxisome

13th week

28 of November

 Cellular aging and cell death (apoptosis)
ppt / with voice: video

13th week

28 November - 2 of December

Midterm II. (Moodle test)

14th week

5 of December

Stem cells

14th week

5-9 of December

Cell death (necrosis and apoptosis)


Cell Biology photoalbum: pdf 


Course information


General information

Prerequisite subject: -
Credits: 4
Attendance: 75% of the practicals

Exam: written test in the exam period


Biology is given in two semesters for students of Pharmacy. Biology I covers Cell Biology and Biology II covers Basic Human Genetics.

Claims for exemptions are only considered if handed or emailed to Dr. Orsolya Lang not later than the 10th of September.

Biology I has theoretical and laboratory parts. Students must attend 75% of the practices. More than three absences of ANY REASON during one semester invalidate the semester. A notebook for notes and drawings and colored pencils are needed in the practices.

Remember the exact time of lectures and practices, don't be late for them. Being late (10 or more minutes) from practice is considered as an absence.

All belongings in the Labs (Practice Rooms) should be handled with care. Any disappearance or harm in them should be paid for by the groups working in the same room.

In the first semester you have two midterm exams (Moodle test): on the 6th and 13th week during the practice. In midterms, both practice and theory knowledge will be tested.

Both practice and theory knowledge will be tested. At the end of the semester your performance will be evaluated according to the total scores therefore a maximum of 3 bonus scores are offered:

Achievement for the two midterms together


Bonus scores









These extra scores will be added to the exam scores as bonus scores. Bonus points are only credited to those who have more than 50 % of the exam scores. No opportunity to improve the bonus scores.

Requirements of practice signature not more than three absences from the practices. You may have written weekly tests, too.

During the examination period, you have to give a semifinal exam (kollokvium). Biology I semifinal will be a Moodle test (multiple choice, essay, figure, etc.) covering the practice and theory part of the subject.

Online registration for the exam will be in the second part of November. Students have three chances to give an exam. The failed exam can be repeated after 1 day with a new registration. During the examination period, there are voluntary consultations (the exact time and location will be given in the website tab).

On the homepage of the Department ( or in the Moodle more information can be found: eg. slides of lectures, practices, summary of topics not found in the book, description of cytological methods, detailed topic list for midterms and exam.


Course coordinator: Dr. Orsolya Láng - room 719 (7th floor, NET building)
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Edit Buzás - room 717 (7th floor, NET building)


Needed textbook (in the first semester):
Alberts et al.: Essential Cell Biology. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ. 2018. (5th edition) ISBN: 9780393696462

Recommended textbook:
Alberts et al.: Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland Science/Taylor & Francis Group Publ.  (4th ot 5th edition)

Books are available as e-book or at Medicina Könyvesbolt, Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 91/A. 
Phone: 215-3786, 215-9618, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       




Exam information:  doc








Consultations in the exam period (online):

Date Time Zoom URL
12 December       11:00-12:00
Passcode: biol
19 December 9:00-10:00
9 January 11:00-12:00
16 January 11:00-12:00
23 January 11:00-12:00
30 January 11:00-12:00
6 Febrary 11:00-12:00




The user name and password are published in the NEPTUN.

Course coordinators:

Dr. LAJKÓ, Eszter

Dr. HOLUB, Marianna
+36 1 210 2930 / 56234

Genetics and Genomics:
Dr. HEGYESI, Hargita
+36 1 210 2930 / 56326

Academic (Neptun) administration:
+36 1 210 2950
+36 1 210 2930 / 56253

Office hours of course coordinators >>>

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