In the Neptun system the courses designated to CV (exam in non-regular semester) are for those students who got the signature of the lecturer (validation) in the previous semester. They are allowed to take the exam (in the summer examination period) with the number of possibilities that remained in the previous semester, but lessons are not offered. The exam topics are the same as were in the former semester and they can be found at the previous semester in our homepage.

Do not forget to consider that Immunology may be a prerequisite for other subjects.

Further information on pages 15 (Article 16/8) and 571 in the calendar:


The user name and password are published in the NEPTUN.

Course coordinators:

Cell Science / Biology:
Dr. LÁNG, Orsolya
+36 1 210 2930 / 56251

Dr. HOLUB, Marianna
+36 1 210 2930 / 56234

Genetics and Genomics:
Dr. HEGYESI, Hargita
+36 1 210 2930 / 56326

Neptun administrator
(Education secretariat):

L. DIBÓ, Szilvia
+36 20 825 9996

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