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Genetics and Genomics (AOKGEN030_1A) course

General information


Prerequisite subject: Medical Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology III.
Credits: 4
Attendance:  75% of the lessons
Exam: written test in the exam period.


The Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology offers Genetics and Genomics course for 3rd year EM students in the second semester. Students who have passed Medical Biology II do not have to register this course. (No exemption request is needed.)

In the case of having Genetics credits from other university, claim for exemption has to be handed to Dr. Valéria László (tutor) not later than 13th of February.

Genetics and Genomics course provides basic knowledge on general and human genetics and genomics. The course has lecture and practice (laboratory) parts. According to the Academic and Examination Rules (17§ 7-8.) the students must visit at least 75% of lectures. This is the requirement for the validity of the semester. More than three absences from the practice invalidate the semester, no signature is given. There are no extra practices. In the case of acute illness students may attend other practices with the permission of tutor. The attendance of students occasionally (randomly) will be checked on the lectures.

Midterm exam (written) will be on the 10th week practice. Result of the midterm exam influences the final grade (see below). Spare midterm is organized for those students who miss the midterm because an acute illness, but they have to show up the medical record to the tutor in one week. There is no opportunity to improve the midterm scores.


Examination info

The semester is finished by a written exam (single choice and essay questions, family tree, kariogram, evaluation of molecular genetic studies etc.) The exam grade will be calculated from the sum of midterm scores (maximum 40) and exam scores (maximum 80). For passing (Grade 2-5) you have to reach more than 50 % of both the exam scores (40) and total scores (60). In case of failure (Grade 1), the retake can be done not sooner than 3 days after the exam. In the third exam midterm scores are not calculated. The midterm and exam questions are based on the e-book, lecture and practice presentations and handouts. 

During the semester you may get not more than 10 bonus scores, if you solve tasks given by your practice teacher. The bonus scores are added to midterm scores. In the third exam bonus scores are not counted.

The exam days will be published one month before the beginning of the examination period. Signing up and modification of the exam days can be arranged exclusively online by the students’ registration system (NEPTUN). If you want to change your exam day, first you have to cancel your earlier sign up. Please consider the registration deadlines (two workdays) for the exams. The time, the place and number of students may change after your registration, so check these parameters before the exam. You cannot take the exam without lecture (index) book!

The third exam can be taken after paying retake fee. In this case the students have to show up the receipt before the exam.



  • Genetics and genomics (e-book): (The user name and password is on course datasheet of the Neptun)
  • Textbook: Thompson & Thompson: Genetics in Medicine 7th edition, ISBN: 9781416030805.
  • Lecture and practice presentations, (occasionally) hand-outs:



Job title




Valéria László, PhD
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

NET 621

Head of the Department

Prof. Edit Buzás, PhD, DSC

NET 717


Topic list




Tuesday 8.00 – 9.30, 
NET Green Hall


1st week

(2 – 6 February)

Introduction to human genetics,
the human genome

Typical mitosis

2nd week

(9 – 13  February)

Transmission of genetic information

Atypical mitosis and meiosis

3rd week

(16 – 20 February)

Mutations and polymorphism

Cytogenetics I
ppt   doc

 4th week

(23 – 27 February)


Cytogenetics II

5th week

(2 – 6  March)


Study of monogenic inheritance,
pedigree analysis

6th week

(9 – 13  March)

Monogenic inheritance (Autosomal inheritance)

Factors effecting the expression of genotype

7th week

(16 – 20 March)

Role of sex in inheritance

Molecular genetic methods and applications in human genetics I

8th week

(23 – 27 March)

Genetics of biological processes

Molecular genetic methods and applications in human genetics II

9th week

(6 – 10 April)

Introduction to genomics.
Methods in 


10th week

(13 – 17 April)

Genomic approach of complex inheritance
ppt   pdf

Midterm (written)

11th week

(20 – 24 April)

Population and evolution genetics (genomics)
ppt   pdf

Evaluation of of molecular genetic studies

12th week

(27 – 30 April)

No lecture (Faculty Day)

 Molecular and cytological consequences of some monogenic disorders

13th week

(4 – 8 May)

Pharmaco- and nutrigenetics (genomics)
ppt   pdf   pdf

Complex inheritance

14th week

(11 – 15 May)

Metagenomics, ELSI




Genetics and genomics ebook:  pdf



Exam topic list: doc




Genetics and genomics consultations

22/05/2015   (Friday)   1300 L13-L15
01/06/2015   (Monday)  1000 L13-L15
08/06/2015   (Monday)  1000 L13-L15
15/06/2015   (Monday)  1000 L13-L15
22/06/2015   (Monday)  1000 L13-L15
29/06/2015   (Monday)  1000 L13-L15


The consultation lasts for maximum 70 minutes. If there are no students present at the beginning of the consultation, it will be cancelled.


The user name and password are published in the NEPTUN.

Course coordinators:

Cell Science / Biology:
Dr. LÁNG, Orsolya
+36 1 210 2930 / 56251

Dr. HOLUB, Marianna
+36 1 210 2930 / 56234

Genetics and Genomics:
Dr. HEGYESI, Hargita
+36 1 210 2930 / 56326

Neptun administrator
(Education secretariat):

L. DIBÓ, Szilvia
+36 20 825 9996

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